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This site has moved

Dear users,

recently, due to technical reasons, we have moved our and sites to the new location.

Due to this relocation we have manually transfered your accounts, which included your username, e-mail address and personal information (which are first and second name and your institution). No other data were transfered, which includes your password and personal timezone.

To set new password, please visit our site and select "Request new password" link on the left menu bar. The password resetting instructions will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Follow the instructions to log in to your account. Set new password and check other settings (especially your Timezone, which is now set to Europe/Warsaw by default). You can also change your username and update your e-mail address.

If you encounter any difficulties while regaining access to your account please contact our support team. Contact addresses are available on the website: (Support or Contact pages).

If you do not wish to use your account any more you can cancel it (delete) yourself after successful logging in, or by sending short information to us. If you do nothing - the account will be closed automatically within three months.

Full text of this messages is available on our website, in the discussion forum:

With best regards
/support team/